love grows here


In the Fall of 2017, I was contracted by Main Street Greensburg to paint a 1,000 sq ft mural for the City of Greensburg, Indiana. I love using color in my artwork, along with positive messaging, because I believe when people see these two things together it brightens up their day.  Greensburg thrives on agriculture cultivation so I incorporated stalks of wheat along with the text. They wanted the mural to be removable in case they wanted to move it to a different location in the future. So instead of painting directly on the brick facade, I painted the mural on 27 sheets of MDO plywood. Once I finished painting, I drove the mural to Indiana to be installed. Luckily, I found an incredible contractor, Leon from The Sign Exchange, whose help guaranteed that the install went off without a hitch.  It was installed in under 3 days. To get a glimpse of the beautiful town of Greensburg and where my mural is located, watch the video I shot and edited below.